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From the very first center set up in Mumbai in 1982, to nearly 3500 centers in over 30 countries today, NIIT is credited with a vision to bring people and computers together. Since then, with its unique business model, businesses have been able to fulfill their massive requirements for IT talent in the world. This website is yet another initiative, to provide privileged services to our students worldwide, and is designed to be the virtual NIIT Centre. As a student, you can avail the following categories of services on this site:
* Online Learning - eLearning
* Online Technical Support - Tech Edge
* Obligations and Rights - My eCentre
Provides online courses and reference reading material to enhance your skills and learning effectiveness.
Offers a range of Online Technical Support Services - from answering queries to testing your understanding of different technologies, to enhance your skills and learning effectiveness.
       Serves as the Virtual Information Center and a contact point with NIIT.

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